Armenian MPs Condemn 28 March Opposition Rally


Public Television of Armenia, Yerevan
29 Mar 04

(Presenter) Armenia’s political forces have expressed their attitude
towards the recent events in Gyumri (opposition rally on 28
March). Members of the ruling political coalition demand that the
leadership ensure law and order and prevent actions which pose a
threat to political stability and the constitution.

(Correspondent over video of parliament session) Meetings, rallies and
marches – all the political forces represented in the Armenian
National Assembly believe that these forms of political events are
acceptable in the world policy. The parliamentarians are concerned
over the Armenian version of these events. The opposition’s struggle
is understandable when constitutional law and order are preserved in
the country. But the opposition’s recent actions brought about
undesirable results. (Vaan Ovanesyan, deputy speaker of the Armenian
parliament, captioned) We learned that disorder had taken place in
Gyumri. The people who ensured the security of the organizers of the
rally attacked people. They broke posters and expressed their
dissatisfaction with those who did not share their political
views. This is an impermissible action and I think that police should
ensure that similar actions are not repeated in the future.

We also held various rallies and meetings. Not all the people agreed
with us, with our views. But nobody issued orders to attack those who
did not agree with us. This is impermissible. Negotiations, relations
and discussions – we are always ready to resolve problems by these

(Correspondent) Armenia’s pressing problems must be discussed and
resolved in the hall of the National Assembly, during sessions, and
they must not become a subject of rallies. Given the conditions when
Azerbaijan has started anti-Armenian hysteria, the events in Gyumri,
the opposition’s calls are threatening the country’s stability and

(Mger Shakhgeldyan, chairman of the standing parliamentary commission
on defence and security, representative of the Orinats Yerkir
parliamentary faction, captioned) The Azerbaijani leadership’s
bellicose statements, its rejection of the Key West and Paris
agreements (on Nagornyy Karabakh), dissatisfaction with the work of
the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairmen and also growing financial assistance
to the army make it clear that Azerbaijan is attempting to preserve
today’s peace by any means, using force (as heard). These
(Azerbaijan’s) statements confirm this. Armenia’s domestic stability
and security are extremely important in this connection.

(Correspondent) MPs confirm that domestic political problems have to
be resolved with a concerted effort, taking into consideration
national interests.

Nune Aleksanyan, Aylur.