ROA UN Rep Martirosyan Meets with Armenian UN Accredited NGOs

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March 29, 2004


On March 25, Ambassador Armen Martirosyan, Permanent Representative of
Armenia to the UN, met with the representatives of the Armenian
non-governmental organizations accredited at the United Nations.
This was the first meeting of its kind aiming at getting more closely
acquainted with the work carried out by these organizations at the UN, their
concerns and the possibilities for cooperation with the Permanent Mission in
this respect.

At the beginning of the meeting Ambassador Martirosyan thanked the
participants for the enthusiastic response to the Mission’s invitation to
hold such a meeting. He noted that Armenia, after becoming a member of the
ECOSOC, had been trying to have a constructive input in the works of this
essential UN body in all those spheres that our country had some experience
in or had persisting problems. The NGOs have an essential role in this
respect as organizations participating in the activities of this body.
Mrs. Diane Paravazian from the Armenian Assembly of America, Mr. Aram Arkun
from the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America, Mary Toumayan and Mary
Melikian-Hayner from AIWA, Mrs. Anie Kalayjian from the World Federation of
Mental Health, Mr. Hrag Vartanian and Ms. Adrienne Alexanian from the AGBU,
Mrs. Hamesd Beugekian and Mrs. Penelope Giragosian from the Armenian Relief
Society and Mrs. Iris Papazian from the Armenian Prelacy took part at the

The participants welcomed the idea of the meeting and spoke in favor of the
approach described by the Ambassador, which will enable us to present
Armenia to the international community in all the dimensions of its
activities and in the whole spectrum of the existing problems and concerns.
It will also allow the Armenian NGOs to more fully and comprehensively
present their activities and projects carried out in Armenia that fall
within the framework of the ECOSOC.

At the end of the meeting the representatives of the Armenian NGOs expressed
their willingness to continue this positive engagement and work in the areas
envisaged in a more coordinated way.