BAKU: Meeting at the cabinet of ministers

Azer Tag, Azerbaijan State Info Agency
March 29 2004

[March 29, 2004, 23:05:44]

Primer Minister of Azerbaijan Artur Rasizadeh received Chairman of
the Russian State Duma Boris Gryzlov and members of the Russian

Welcoming the guests, the Prime Minister expressed confidence that
the visit would become one more impetus for expanding Azerbaijan
-Russian relationship. After election of Vladimir Putin as Head of
the Russian State, he said, the bilateral relations between out two
countries have been brought up to a qualitatively new level. Mr.
Artur Rasizadeh pointed out rapidly developing economic cooperation
is, and growing commodity turnover between Azerbaijan and Russia.
Speaking of the economic reforms being carried out in the country and
progress achieved in this sphere, the Prime Minister of Azerbaijan
noted that the unsolved Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict over
Nagorno-Karabakh remains as the main problem of the country. He
showed on the map the regions occupied by the Armenian armed forces.

Afterwards, the parties have exchanged views on the issues related
development of relations between the two countries, and combat
against separatism.

Present at the meeting were Deputy Vice-Premier Abbas Abbasov,
Vice-Speaker Ziyafat Alasgarov and Ambassador of Russia to Azerbaijan
Nikolay Ryabov.