Armenian opposition official says attack on him politically motivate

Armenian opposition official says attack on him politically motivated

Noyan Tapan news agency
25 Mar 04


The secretary of the opposition Justice faction, Viktor Dallakyan, was
attacked on 23 March. Dallakyan said that three unidentified people
attacked him at about 2240 1840 gmt , and as a result he was
injured. The attackers took his leather coat with his deputy mandate,
keys and diary in the pocket.

“I am an active participant in opposition activities and it is
absolutely obvious that the incident had political grounds,” Dallakyan
said. He expressed his confidence that the authorities would not be
able to undermine the opposition by such attacks.

“The authorities should understand that by throwing eggs or attacking
people in the dark they cannot stop the process which has started in
Armenia: change of power is inevitable as all the people demand this.”

Dallakyan did not rule out that the authorities could take unexpected
steps and added that the opposition was ready for any
developments. Commenting on Defence Minister Serzh Sarkisyan’s
statements that the army was entitled to ensure internal order,
Dallakyan said: “I would like to tell the minister that under Point 13
Article 55 of the Constitution, the army can be used only in case of a
war or external threat.”