United Communist Party Calls Other Communists for Coop, People


YEREVAN, March 25 (Noyan Tapan). Yuri Manoukian was elected the first
Secretary of the Central Committe of the United Communist Party of
Armenia during the first congress of the party, which was held om
March 25. These are the first elections of the party’s
leadership,which testify that the party is established. The Congres
was a closed one and 230 delegates took part in its work. 77 members
were included in the structure of the Central Committee. 17 members
are in the structure of the Bureau of the Central Committee of the
United Communist Party of Armenia. A press conference was held on the
same day and the leadership of the party read the statement of the
party directed to the people and other political
organizations. Declaring themselves an opposition party, the United
Communist Party of Armenia, refuses to cooperate with the current
opposition.”One shouldn’t lead the people to confrontation with the
danger of consequences that are not predictable and put the existance
of the state at stake,” Yuri Manoukian stated, naming the opposition
political figures the tratiors of the nation that act for the sake of
their own interests. At the same time, the United Communist Party of
Armenia calls two other Communist parties, namely, the Communist Party
of Armenia and the Progressive Communist Party, for uniting with the
UCPA around the general idea of building the Socialism. According to
Manoukian, UCPA still hopes to come to an aggrement with the communist
Party of Armenia, though, he stated, that knowing his party-fellows,
he can say that their position is both indefinite and speculative.
Turning to the people, the UCPA, calls for not takeing decisive
measures that can turn fatal for the country, as the hard foreign
political situation requires political stability.

The UCPA demands from the authorities to take decisive measures for
securing the safety of the country for the sake of the very existence
of the Armenian state. Besides, the UCPA is against the power
shift. Hrant Voskanian, one of the idealogists of the party, member of
the Bureau of the Central Committe of the UCPA, agreed that the
parties at power bear the responsibility for the hard situation in the
country. But, according to him, the fate of the people and their
country is not the monopoly of only one party, but the concern of
all.”The power shift is no goal in itself and doesn’t proceed from the
interests of the people,” Voskanian said.