Punishment in Georgian manner

Azat Artsakh – Repubic of Nagorno Karabakh
March 24, 2004


Bahatur Jobova will have to apologize to Azerbaijan; this is the
decision of the chess federation of Georgia for the participation of
the chess-player in the tournament held in Nagorni Karabakh. Besides,
according to the Baku newspapers, the chess federation of Azerbaijan
managed to compel the chess-player from Iran Haem Mahami to stop his
participation in the last rounds of the tournament. Recently the
meeting of the chairmanship of the chess federation of Georgia
discussed the question of participation of Jobova in the Karabakh
tournament. The latter arrived in Nagorni Karabakh in spite of the
instructions of the federation. The co-chairman of the federation
Azmayparashvili mentioned in his interview, `It is not easy for us to
handle the fate of this chess-player as he is one of the most talented
players of our country and our only hope.’ The father of the player
Alexander Jobova was also invited to the meeting of the chairmen of
the federation, who allegedly said that it was him `to sent the
chess-player to Stepanakert’ but at the same time behaved in a `non
correct’ manner. According to the vice-chairman of FIDE, the chairmen
had different opinions concerning the punishment of Jobova. They
consider either to deprive him of the state scholarship and forbid him
to participate in the Chess Olympiad or deprive his of the right to
participate in the local, as well as international tournaments for a
year. After long discussions the participants of the meeting came to
the conclusion to postpone the discussion of the problem to
Sunday. `Jobava must acknowledge his actions and officially apologize
to the chess federations of Georgia and Azerbaijan in press and by
television for by his actions he does not respect the territorial
integrity of Azerbaijan,’ said Azmayparashvili. If he does not
apologize, he will be deprived of the scholarship and will not have
the right to participate in the local and international competitions
for a year. An ultimatum was extended to the Georgian player. If he
apologizes, he will be deprived of only material supply and a
suspended disqualification for two years. Judging by such a reaction
of Georgia and the joy of Azerbaijan for this, if Jobava became a
prizewinner of the championship the inquisitors would make a fire for
him as a lesson for others.