We may use any broadcasting frequency

Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
March 26, 2004


The Azerbaijani mass media write that in one of the regions of
Azerbaijan Armenian programs are broadcast by the TV channel ANS thus
hindering viewing the programs of this channel. The mentioned programs
are broadcast through the transmitter placed in the town Shoushi
which, according to the Azerbaijani party, belongs to them. To find
out more we talked to the director of `Atsakhkap’ Souren Mirzoyan. He
said that the transmitter of Shoushi provides broadcasting in a number
of villages, towns Askeran and a part of Stepanakert in NKR. `As to
the anxiety of our neighbours, we also have similar problems. Powerful
transmitters placed in the territory of Azerbaijan hinder broadcasting
of our TV programs. For this reason we choose a more convenient
broadcasting frequency from the point of view of transmitting. If the
channel we have chosen hinders them, we may discuss the question
together and in case of an agreement change it. And as to the
transmitter placed in Shoushi, it is registered in the assets of
`Artsakhkap’ and is the property of the company. Naturally with the
right of the master we may use the transmitters which are our property
in our territory and make use of any broadcasting frequency. We do not
pursue any other aim but to provide normal broadcasting in the
republic.’ Currently in the capital more than ten TV channels are
available. The director of the company informed that an agreement was
signed by the Armenian TV channel `Armenia’ and soon the programs of
this channel will be broadcast in the territory of the republic.