There is no former spirit

There is no former spirit

Karabakh war to suit both Armenia and Azerbaijan, politician says

Haykakan Zhamanak, Yerevan
26 Mar 04

“Talks on the Karabakh settlement have reached a deadlock. Moreover,
they have created a pre-war situation in Armenian-Azerbaijani
relations, which is unfortunately advantageous to the authorities of
both Armenia and Azerbaijan,” the leader of the Democratic Motherland
Party, Petros Makeyan, said during a discussion organized at Hotel
Congress yesterday.

He believes that war is advantageous to the Armenian authorities since
given the current domestic political situation, it is the only means
to prolong and preserve their power in case of a positive
result. According to Petros Makeyan, war is advantageous to Azerbaijan
not because its army is much stronger, but because of the moral and
psychological atmosphere that exists in Armenia today.

“Azerbaijan is sure that today our people will not fight as they did
in 1990-94 when people voluntarily went to Karabakh to protect their
families. Today nobody will go and protect [President] Robert
Kocharyan’s, [Defence Minister] Serzh Sarkisyan’s and their criminal
administration’s property,” the leader of the Democratic Motherland
Party said.