Ruling Coalition warns against attempts to undermine law and order

Armenia’s ruling coalition warns against attempts to undermine law and order

Mediamax news agency
26 Mar 04


The ruling Armenian coalition issued a statement today expressing
concern over the calls “whose authors are trying to capitalize on the
existing unresolved problems to provoke public outrage and thus change
power in the country”.

The Republican Party, as well as the Orinats Yerkir and Dashnaktsutyun
parties, which are members of the ruling coalition, stated that “any
attempts to artificially drag Armenia into new electoral processes may
have an adverse effect on the security of our country which is already
facing numerous challenges”.

The ruling coalition called on relevant Armenian agencies to respond
“resolutely and appropriately” to the attempts to undermine
constitutional law and order. The members of the coalition added that
they would continue doing their best to resolve the country’s social
and economic problems.