Ruling Coalition Released Statement

A1 Plus | 21:48:59 | 26-03-2004 | Politics |


Ruling coalition parties have eventually handed down their long-awaited

Calls inciting people to civil unrest is being heard in the republic in
recent months. Those making them are pointing their fingers at some
outstanding problems and trying to oust the current authorities, the
statement says.

The coalition members have never denied the fact that there are many
troubles – mostly social – they don’t distance themselves from these
problems and have collective sense of commitment toward people. That’s why
the coalition parties find it important to state that in the wake of
parliamentary elections after scrutinizing the situation in the country they
adopted stance of comprehensive approach to the problems. A number of
feasible programs have been worked out to ensure the country development.
The coalition is convinced it will solve the problems. 2004 will be crucial
year for fulfillment of promises given in the course of election campaign,
the statement says.

Authorities are being formed in due time as a result of election, not
between elections. Any attempt to involve the country in early elections can
jeopardize security of our republic that faces many challenges.

Political forces united in coalition intend to achieve the goals specified
in their memorandum such as improving lives of thousands of peoples, halving
poverty and rooting out corruption.

The coalition is sure that its program implementation will lead to visible
progress. At the same time, all attempts to violate the Constitution must be
prevented by law enforcement bodies, the statement says.