Islam wins again

Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
March 25, 2004


The terrorist act in Spain shocked the world. Ousting the Serbs from
their own territory made the picture complete. We may conclude that
Islam has won once again. The Christian civilization was amazed just
like when they were amazed when on a fine day the heart of the
Christian world, Constantinople was renamed Istanbul. The traditional
western democrat, the orthodox Slavonic and even the hot-blooded
Spaniard, looking around themselves, understood that they have
appeared at the hottest spot of the war, because all the spots of the
terrorist war are hot. And instead of making an adequate conclusion,
they decided to isolate themselves in their small Europe and never
again deal with a Mohammedan hoping they would leave them alone. They
forgot that the situation has changed and the Mohammedan people in a
very civilized and democratic way have long ago intruded in Europe and
already claim rights. The psychology of ostrich has always been
typical of the western Christian civilization. Its representatives,
true to their beliefs, have always been tolerant to the
representatives of other religions. Forgetting that there are
militarist religious teachings, which do not tolerate others. And that
these teachings, calmly but consistently, profiting of others’
tolerance, intrude in others’ territories, increase in number, soon
become the majority and oust the others, massacre, assimilate, impose
their will on the local population. Even if we did not know the
history, the geographical changes in the recent 100 years testify to
this. Probably, the western civilizations will disappear but denying
to the end that Islam, nevertheless, was stronger. It will disappear
because it won’t confess that the religious war continues, that
democracy, the principle that “all the people are equal”, the
progressive atheist ideas, globalization and pacifism killed the
instinct of self-preservation in the western people. Whereas, this
instinct is powerful in the Mohammedan and Chinese peoples. As
distinct to the European, thinking for himself only, the Mohammedan
and Chinese peoples think for the future generation, they will never
legalize homosexual marriages, as these do not produce children.
Probably, the next ethnic confrontations will be between the Muslims
and the Chinese when the Christian world will be finally divided
between them. Only now the Europeans have realized the danger
threatening their lives. If they had done sooner, they would not allow
the Muslim Albanians to invade a whole region in the Balkans and make
a den for terrorism in Europe. They would not allow Azerbaijan take
over small Karabakh which has throughout its history fought against
those whom Europe today considers an enemy. Now it is already
late. First, even in case of the greatest desire the western
Christians cannot oust all the Muslim people from their territories;
they have made deep roots there already. Second, the Mohammedan
people, realizing that they will not win the war if they fight face to
face, have chosen the cruelest way of fighting, terrorizing
people. And third, the Mohammedan people are ready to sacrifice their
lives to their ideas as different from the Europeans considering their
lives sacred. It is enough that they perceive the danger to their
lives, they will demand from their government to withdraw the forces
from Iraq. Millions of people have gone out for pacifist protests. It
is all the same for them where the danger comes from, only let them
alone. They are not willing to fight for the rights they declared but
which are now decaying. See what happened in France where they wanted
to forbid the Mohammedan people to wear their symbols. It turns out
that from the point of view of ethnic and religious self-preservation
the Armenians are among the strongest nations. For so many centuries
already we have been fighting against the Muslim world but still are
not scared of them. Even, in Karabakh we won an unprecedented victory
because we were able to defend our right to live in our own
territory. The European civilization has two options: either to fight,
or to yield.