New piece on political chessboard of Azerbaijan

Azat Artsakh – Repubic of Nagorno Karabakh
March 24, 2004


Among the `129 lucky people’ granted amnesty by president Ilham Aliev
on March 17 the former prime minister of Azerbaijan Suret Huseynov was
released from the prison of Gobustan. After being released S.
Huseynov prayed over the tomb of Heidar Aliev and then laid flowers on
the monument to the victims of the Karabakh war. In his interview to
the newspaper `Zerkalo’ Huseynov mentioned that he read a lot during
the 7 years of imprisonment. `I had a lot of time to analyze
thoroughly how it is possible to achieve the development of Azerbaijan
and overcome the economic crisis in the country,’ he said. He
mentioned that his isolation from the society was predetermined by
Allah. `For this reason I do not condemn Heidar Aliev and I think that
every Mohammedan must well realize the rules of Islam. Accursed be
those who defy Allah,’ said the former prime minister mentioned that
if the society demands, he will go into politics. `Don’t you believe
in carrying out reforms with the former team of government” Huseinov
was asked. `The former team is unable to undertake anything. There is
need for another team with new thinking, a new perception of human
rights. A society must be formed where the public opinion will be
respected. The parliament must be legitimate in order for the society
to believe and trust it. I am well-aware of the past elections and I
think that if the upcoming parliamentary election is held in
accordance with democratic methods, a society will be formed in
Azerbaijan about which I mentioned,’ said Huseinov. And added, `Before
taking part in the election I must be announced innocent. To realize
my innocence common logic is enough. Why should the prime minister
need to organize a coup d’etat in a town which is 360 km far from the
capital. A prime minister planning a coup could do it in Baku. I spoke
about this to all the foreign representatives with whom I met,’
mentioned Huseinov. The former prime minister also spoke about
Karabakh. `The problem of Nagorni Karabakh is difficult but also
easy. Personally under my direction 220 settlements were liberated in
Karabakh. After these actions the honourable title of national hero
was conferred on me. The question occurs why our troops approached
within 17 km from Khankendi and could not advance any more. At that
time we read in Russian newspapers that Azerbaijan was going to attack
in the direction of Aghdam. This is what happened. But it turns out
that it was a maneuver and the real opposition started from the region
of Shahoumian to Khachinchay. 220 settlements were liberated under my
commandment. While we had success in Karabakh, the agreement of Alma
Ata was signed. The OSCE Minsk Group was founded to defend the
Armenians in Karabakh whereas we had attacked them. The minister of
foreign affairs then Tofik Gasimov signed the agreement of Alma Ata on
July 17 and at three o’clock in the morning with Panah Huseinov they
came to me in Yevlakh. They informed that Azerbaijan had signed the
cease-fire and the war was over. I was angry and turned them out. They
started creating outposts together with the Armenians from Ghazakh to
Dashkesan. I wanted them to realize that the international community
today is occupied with other affairs and if we liberate our
territories we shall take a revenge on the Armenians for ousting our
300 thousand compatriots,’ said Huseinov emotionally. `I have never
sought for power and did not even want to become a prime minister,’
finished his speech the former prime minister of Azerbaijan, to whom
the country authorities have ascribed many blames. We did not just
quote this big passage from the interview of Huseinov. Analyzing these
sensitive questions which he dwelled on in his first interview we may
be sure to state that the international community is preparing an
opponent, or even an heir to Ilham Aliev. First of all because
Huseinov was released under the pressure of the Western
organizations. Second, at the exit of the prison he already spoke
about the legitimacy of the government in Azerbaijan and
democratization, as if following someone’s instruction. Apart from
everything he sets forth radical Islamic ideas. Forth, in opposite to
the present authorities he states that the Azerbaijani refugees from
Armenia counted 300 thousand and not 800 thousand; for this one has to
have a strong back. And finally, he openly speaks out that his primary
task is the liberation of Karabakh. Obviously a new piece has appeared
on the political chessboard of Azerbaijan who is now in a strong
position and through which someone is going to checkmate somebody. The
interesting thing is how the grand maters of chess are going to use
Huseinov, as a victim perhaps, because the radical Islamic
announcements of Huseinov do not at all fit into the anti-terrorist
campaign of the `liberators’, the big players of the West.