ANCA-WR News: Los Angeles Mayor Backs Genocide Resolution

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March 24, 2004

Contact: Ardashes Kassakhian
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Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn expressed his full
support for the ANCA Genocide Prevention Postcard Campaign. The
Postcard Campaign is designed to seek passage of legislation pending
in both the U.S. Senate andHouse of Representatives commemorating the
15th anniversary of America’s adoptionof the Genocide Convention. The
legislation specifically references the Armenian Genocide. Over 50,000
Americans have participated in the ANCA postcard Campaign since it was
launched last year.

Mayor Hahn expressed his support for the ANCA Postcard Campaign in a
personal note sent to ANCA-WR Headquarters on March 17, 2004. The
Mayor thanked the ANCA for focusing Congressional attention on the
need to end cycles of genocide. `The ANCA Genocide Postcard Campaign
continues the never-ending endeavor to keep alive in our minds and
memory what History is want to omit: the extent to which humans are
capable of implementing a system of hate,’ wrote Mayor Hahn in his
letter to ANCA-WR Chairman Raffi Hamparian.

“We appreciate Mayor Hahn’s support for the ANCA Genocide Postcard
Campaign,” explained ANCA-WR Executive Director Ardashes
Kassakhian. “His support for our Campaign is building the momentum we
need to force Congressional leaders to permit a vote on bills, which
we and over 100 organizations support, commemorating the 15th
anniversary of America’s adoption of the Genocide Convention,’
Kassakhian added.

Individuals wishing to participate in the ANCA Genocide Prevention
Postcard Campaign are encouraged to contact the ANCA-WR offices at
(818) 500-1918 or visit

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most influential Armenian American grassroots political organization.
Working in coordination with a network of offices, chapters, and
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around the world, the ANCA actively advances the concerns of the
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Editor’s Note: Letter from Mayor Hahn is attached.