NY Judge Leaves Bench

NY Lawyer, United States
March 24 2004

NY Judge Leaves Bench
For Consultant’s Role

By Daniel Wise
New York Law Journal

Deputy Chief Administrative Judge Joseph J. Traficanti Jr., who has
been overseeing courts outside of New York City since 1991, will
leave the bench in May to become a consultant on the legal systems in
Russia and Armenia.

Judge Traficanti also has been in charge of setting up drug treatment
courts throughout the state for the past four years. Since 2001, 114
courts have been set up to provide treatment and social services to
non-violent addicts accused of misdemeanors, felonies and family
offenses. Judge Traficanti, 61, was elected to the bench in 1982 as
Ulster County Surrogate, and he continues to handle guardianships and

In his first two consulting jobs, he will advise a U.S. Agency for
International Development program in Russia on commercial courts and
alternate dispute resolution. The Armenian initiative, a World Bank
project, will involve developing measures to improve court