Putin pledges ongoing Russian backing for Caucasus settlement

Putin pledges ongoing Russian backing for Caucasus settlement

Interfax news agency
23 Mar 04


Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed Russia’s readiness to
contribute to settlement of the problems of the Caucasus region.

“A peaceful political settlement of the existing problems is certainly
in the interests of ongoing development of cooperation between Russia
and Georgia and of stability in the region. Russia is definitely
prepared to continue to promote this vigorously,” Putin said in Moscow
today at a ceremony for the presentation of credentials by foreign
ambassadors, including the new Georgian ambassador in the Russian
Federation Konstantin [Kote] Kemularia.

“Russia has an interest in having close, good-neighbourly relations
with Georgia,” Putin added.

According to Putin, “February’s visit to Moscow by the Georgian
president opened up encouraging prospects”.

Putin said that Moscow “accords great importance to implementing the
political accords (reached during the visit – Interfax note), accords
on international terrorism and on ensuring the security of our common