From The Three Armenian Church Dioceses of North America

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On behalf of the three Diocesan Councils governing our respective
Armenian Church dioceses of North America, we were deeply disappointed
by the news that the Catholicate of the Great House of Cilicia had
confirmed the election of a “prelate,” who will preside over a
hypothetical jurisdiction in Canada.

Such a jurisdiction is of course subject to the same objections as the
Cilician See’s other, non-canonical jurisdictions, located elsewhere
in North America. Indeed, we recall that the establishment of a
Cilician “prelacy” in Canada two years ago was lamented in many

This latest development has destroyed all our hopes that, through
cooperation and reasoned persuasion, a mutually satisfactory
resolution might be found for both sides. We feel disappointed and
full of sorrow.

The present historical epoch presents numerous, long-awaited
opportunities for the Armenian people, our church, and our nation.
Seizing these opportunities to advance the general welfare of all
Armenians demands from us an unselfish commitment to solidarity and

The Armenian Church, under the benevolent leadership of the
Catholicate of All Armenians at the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin,
has played a pivotal role in earlier ages of national renewal.
Historically, the church has been able to call on Armenians of good
will, from all walks of life, to join together in pursuit of loftier
objectives. The key to such calls-the factor which lent them
credibility-was the spiritual integrity of the church itself,
embodiedin its institutional unity.

We regret to say that the cause of church unity has been jeopardized
by the recent action of the Cilician See-and this is truly a reason
for sorrow, on the part of the Armenian people generally.