“A1+” Claim Refused

A1 Plus | 20:03:59 | 23-03-2004 | Social |


Armenian Economic Court has today rejected “Meltex” LTD claim against
inactivity of TV and Radio National Committee. It is to remind that “A1+”
demanded to allow the bases that TV and Radio National Committee didn’t
grant the TV Company the broadcasting license.

It took Judge Robert Sargssyan only 15 minutes to make such a decision. The
whole trial lasted for 1,5 hours.

By the way, it’s the first trial Sargssyan presided over. He substituted
Judge Chilingaryan after TV and Radio Committee representative demurred him.

Let’s remind that TV and Radio Committee representative Varser Karapetyan
challenged the Judge after he had ignored her solicitation over hearing the
claim on the 25th frequency (“Armenia – TV”) separately.