Moscow Needs No Records

A1 Plus | 21:09:15 | 22-03-2004 | Social |


Today, Bruce Khlebnikov-Hatsagortsyan, 14, beat a record by pulling bus with
his long hair for three meters.{BR}

The show was staged by our compatriot Levon Manukyan who is a member of
Russian State Duma.

When Bruce was six years old, he pulled a car with his teeth, the boy’s
mother Nelli Khlebnukova says. “I realized that was God’s gift. God is
always with him, but every time I anxious about him. This is the 26th time
his success has been put in Guinness World Records”, she says.

Nelli Khlebnikova said Bruce is not going to beat records in Moscow where he
is merely being said “thank you” and nobody care of his problems.