Meeting at NKR MFA

Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh
March 19 2004


On March 17 the NKR vice minister of foreign affairs Masis Mayilian
met with the coordinator of the European program of the international
organization `Article-19′ Irina Smolina (Great Britain). The guest
said she arrived in Karabakh for the aim of organizing a round table
with the Stepanakert press club on the topic `Public radio and
Television: Problems and Prospects’. She mentioned that within the
framework of the project for maintaining democracy in the South
Caucasus through freedom of speech the international organization
`Article 19′ has been carrying out work in the recognized, as well as
non-recognized states of the region, including Nagorni Karabakh since
last April, in three directions: legislative and institutional
activities, free circulation of information and enlightenment
programs. Masis Mayilian welcomed the activities of the organization
and mentioned the importance of the fact that `Article 19′ also
cooperates with states that are not recognized by the international
community, for despite their recognition all the nations of the South
Caucasus should be provided with equal possibilities and assistance
for the development of the society. According to Masis Mayilian, a
lack of balance in this sphere may endanger the stability in the
region. `The authorities of Nagorni Karabakh are interested in
development of a civil society in the republic and in this reference
your cooperation with the regional partners is very useful. We are
open to the world and always seek for integration in international
processes. We recognize that the future of the republic of Nagorni
Karabakh is greatly dependent on the fact whether we will succeed in
building a democratic country,’ emphasized the vice minister of
foreign affairs of NKR. At the request of the guests Masis Mayilian
presented the establishment, structure and activities of the NKR
Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He mentioned that the establishment of
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1993 was the requirement of the
time and circumstances because the young state as a conflict party
faced the necessity of conducting negotiations for the settlement of
the Karabakh conflict on a professional level. At the end of the
meeting Masis Mayilian stated the willingness of the foreign ministry
of the republic to assist to the implementation of the programs of
`Article 19′ in Nagorni Karabakh.