Japan provides Armenia with another agricultural grant

March 22 2004


YEREVAN, MARCH 22, ARMENPRESS: Armenian agriculture minister David
Lokian and a senior official of the Japanese embassy in Moscow,
Masataka Yosidzava, signed today an agreement according to which the
Japanese government will provide Armenia with another, the seven
consecutive grant of 200 million Yens.
Japan has given Armenia already 2.13 billion Yens in the form of
grants since 1997 for agricultural development to buy 70,000 tons of
fertilizers, 53 harvest combines and 226 tractors, which were sold to
farmers at privileged terms.
Lokian said today that part of the grant, which is also made
available for purchase of agricultural machines and fertilizers, will
be used for restoration of Armenian forests and building dams to
protect lands against floods.
Yosidzava said his government has decided to cut aid to emerging
countries, reducing the list from 70 to 14, “but basing on
transparent and effective utilization of previous grants by the
government of Armenia, it has decided to keep Armenia on the list.”