Discussions Continue


Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)

Presently the question of introducing the 12-year educational system
is discussed. According to the Minister of Education of NKR Armen
Sarghissian,the introduction of this system in Armenia and NKR is
still a question to be discussed, trying to find out its advantages
and disadvantages. In Armenia a number of documents have been drawn
up, in particular, “The Main Principles of the Conceptual State
Secondary Education System”. According to Armen Sarghissian, the
advantage of the 12-year secondary education is that in the upper
classes the pupils will have the opportunity of specialization, and
thus favourable conditions will be provided for the pupils who will
want to proceed with higher education. This system will also bring
about problems. The children will goto school at the age of
6. Therefore much work has to be done for establishing primary
education institutions. The teachers with necessary specialization
will change to the nursery schools. In the! end the minister added
that especially in the education system reforms must be done with
special care as it is a conservative system in the positive sense of
the word, a mechanism created in the course of years and rapid changes
will cause failure. Because the reform will be effective in the case
of correct planning and funding. If anything is done with faults, the
reform, even the best idea will fail.