Armenia: Azerbaijan acknowledges existence of Paris, Key West deal

Armenia says Azerbaijan acknowledges existence of Paris, Key West Karabakh

22 Mar 04


“We are glad that Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Vilayat Quliyev has at
last admitted the existence of a document, albeit not signed, on
agreements reached in Key-West and Paris [on Nagornyy Karabakh
conflict],” Gamlet Gasparyan, spokesman for the Armenian Foreign
Ministry, has said. He was asked by journalists to comment on
Quliyev’s statement that his Armenian counterpart, Vardan Oskanyan,
should produce a document on the Key-West and Paris agreements.
Quliyev said that “there is nothing to discuss since no agreements
have been signed”.

“We have repeatedly stated that such a document exists, and that it
has been drafted by the co-chairmen of the OSCE Minsk Group on
resolving the Nagornyy Karabakh conflict, on the basis of talks
between the presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan. Therefore, we
consider this episode – on whether the document exists or not – to be

“As for Quliyev’s remarks that there was nothing to discuss since no
agreements had been signed, I have to say that had it been signed, the
Nagornyy Karabakh conflict would be settled by now. Nevertheless,
since Azerbaijan acknowledges the fact that there were some
agreements, we hope that the talks will continue in the future from
where they left.”