“A1+” TV Company Making an Announcement

A1 Plus | 21:01:30 | 19-03-2004 | Social |


2 years ago, on April 2, 2002, TV and Radio National Committee deprived
“A1+” TV Company of the broadcasting license.

During the 2 past years “A1+” partook in 8 tenders for frequency ranges and
disputed against TV and Radio National Committee decisions in all the Court
instances. Both tenders and Court decisions were made by breaking laws,
which aimed at blocking “A1+” return to broadcasting area. Making TV air
manageable Authorities conducted illegal elections, bereaving people of the
right and chance to receive unbiased and full information.

Fund for Speech Freedom Support is holding a protest action on April 2.

The initiative group protecting “A1+” TV Company calls upon everybody who
values speech freedom, to take part in the march and meeting for “A1+” on
April 2.

We demand:

1) to hold a tender for free frequencies

2) to involve the representatives of social organizations in rating
assessment of the tender proposals. We expect for quick satisfying of the
above demands or else we will keep protesting.

The march will start at 2:00 PM near “A1+” TV Company building /Grigor
Lusavoritch, 15/.

The meeting will take place on Freedom Square, at 3:00 PM.

Those who are concerned about speech freedom and interested in this action,
may phone 585427, 560716, 564299, or e-mail on [email protected].