The Problem Cannot Be Distorted


Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)

On March 16 at the NKR Permanent Representation in Armenia the speaker
of the NKR National Assembly Oleg Yessayan and foreign minister Ashot
Ghulian met with the members of the European Union-Armenia
parliamentary cooperation commission Ursula Schleicher (co-chairman of
the commission), Dmitry Volchich and Bashir Khanba. During the meeting
the head of the Europarliament delegationMs. Irsula Schleicher,
pointing out that the meeting is unofficial, enquired about the
approach of Nagorni Karabakh toward the current situation in the
regulation of the conflict as well as the possible status of NK and
the problem of refugees. Answering the questions of the members of the
delegation the speaker of the NK National Assembly said the Karabakh
party does not separate these problems from the context of the package
settlement of the conflict. Duringthe talk O. Yessayan mentioned that
he could understand the growing interest ofthe European Union in the
countries of the South Caucasus and in this referencethe settlement of
the Karabakh conflict. The NA speaker said the fact that NK is not
recognized internationally does not change the essence of the
conflict. The problem between Nagorni Karabakh and the Republic of
Azerbaijan should not be changed into a problem to be settled by the
Republic of Armenia and Azerbaijan. The speaker of the parliament of
Nagorni Karabakh mentioned that the starting point of the peaceful
settlement of the conflict is the participation of Nagorni Karabakh in
the process of negotiations; the people of Nagorni Karabakh cannot
accept a resolution in the adoption of which they had no
participation. The speaker of the NKR National Assembly hopes that the
approach of Nagorni Karabakh will be backed by the European Union.