Karabakh Premier Slams Azeri “Rumpus” About Chess Tournament

Karabakh Premier Slams Azeri “Rumpus” About Chess Tournament

Mediamax news agency
18 Mar 04


The prime minister of the Nagornyy Karabakh Republic (NKR), Anushavan
Daniyelyan, said today that “all the actions of Azerbaijan resemble
the times of the medieval Inquisition”.

According to our Mediamax correspondent, the prime minister said this
while commenting on the reaction of the Azerbaijani authorities to the
international chess tournament that came to an end in Stepanakert on
17 March.

“Azerbaijan has shown its true colours to the world again. The
authorities of this republic, protecting their serviceman who hacked
to death a sleeping Armenian officer with Stone Age brutality, have
now turned all the might of their state propaganda machine to an
innocent sporting and cultural event, causing a rumpus about the chess
tournament in Stepanakert.

In connection with the aforesaid, there is a question – how can one
talk with a state whose actions resemble the times of the Inquisition?
The further we move, the more Azerbaijan antagonizes us, irrevocably
distancing itself from us. Although we are de facto destined to live
side by side with Azerbaijan, we are morally very far from each
other,” Daniyelyan said.
From: Baghdasarian