First pan-Armenian Edu. Conf. to Convene in Yerevan August 27-29

March 18, 2004
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First pan-Armenian Educational Conference to Convene in Yerevan on August
27-29, 2004

A pan-Armenian educational conference will be held in Yerevan for the first
time on August 27-29, 2004 under the auspices of the Armenian Ministry of
Education of Science, in line with the decisions of the Armenia-Diaspora
Conference. The objectives of the conference are to discuss the current
state of Armenian educational facilities in Armenia and the Diaspora and
find ways of collaboration between the Armenian educational and training
institutions worldwide to face common challenges.

The agenda will include issues relating to national education, teaching
methodologies, educational exchanges, teacher training, development of
common educational information network and curricula, preparation of
textbooks. The conference is open to participation by the representatives of
the school boards and Diocesan councils, community leaders and education
officials, Diasporan organizations that carry out activities in the field of
national education, principals and teachers of the Armenian schools, and
education specialists. The agenda will be finalized in June, and is open to
suggestions from prospective participants.

The Ministry of Education and Science will cover room and board expenses for
the participants of the conference in Yerevan. The participants are expected
to make their own arrangements for travel to/from Armenia.

The deadline for applications is June 1, 2004. For detailed inquiries,
program of the conference, and application forms, please contact the Embassy
of Armenia, or the Ministry of Education and Science, Government House 3,
Yerevan, 375010, Armenia, Tel. (+374-1) 525207, Fax. (+374-1) 581391, email:
[email protected], Web: