Armenian Foreign Ministry bemoans British envoy’s “genocide” remarks

Armenian Foreign Ministry bemoans British envoy’s “genocide” remarks

18 Mar 04


The Armenian Foreign Ministry has expressed its regret over the
position of the United Kingdom on the Armenian genocide, the press
secretary of the Foreign Ministry, Gamlet Gasparyan, has said,
commenting on the public reaction to the statement by British
ambassador to Armenia Thorda Abbot-Watt that the slaughter of
Armenians at the beginning of the last century could not be recognized
as genocide.

Gasparyan told Arminfo that some countries had recognized the genocide
of Armenians, but some had not. There is no doubt that each country
has its own position on this issue that stems from its strategic
interests. However, foreign envoys in Armenia should have sympathetic
attitude and be particularly careful when it comes to this sensitive
issue, Gasparyan said.

Passage omitted: background details