Pro-gov lawmakers denoucne opposition calls for change of power

March 18 2004

YEREVAN, MARCH 18, ARMENPRESS: Pro-government members of Armenian
parliament denounced today opposition calls for quick change of
power, warning that any anti-constitutional action would destabilize
the domestic situation.
On Monday the political council of the largest opposition
Ardarutyun bloc decided to start a massive campaign of rallies and
demonstrations to force president Kocharian to resign, setting early
April the deadline. Ardarutyun also hopes that another major
opposition party, the National Unity of Artashes Geghamian will join
its massive street protests.
During a parliament briefing today Karen Karapetian of People’s
Deputy independent parliamentary group argued that “stability is more
important for me and what is being done within the boundaries of the
Constitution is similarly acceptable, ” “Our group has always been
for constructive approaches. We denounce opposition when its moves
run counter to the laws and similarly we call on government to
correct its mistakes,” he said.
Galust Sahakian, the head of the influential Republican party’s
faction, doubted opposition’s resoluteness to stage rallies in front
of government buildings. “To come and stand in front of the
presidential palace and demand the president’s resignation is not a
political process and I do not think that people would come to spend
day and night in front of the presidential residence,” he said.
Sahakian said his Republican party is trying now to establish a
dialogue with the opposition to understand what it after all wants,
denying concurrently a possible clash between the authorities and the
Hrayr Karapetian from the Armenian Revolutionary Federation said
his party is concerned with belligerent calls of the opposition,
which are distinctly in violation of the Constitution. ‘The ARF was
one time in opposition too, but it never let the developments slip
out of its hands, which is fraught with a civil war and as a
coalition member ARF will not allow it, as far as its capacities
allow,” he said.
Mher Shahgeldian from Orinats Yerkir said his party is for
democracy and that “revolutions would not yield anything good.”