FM Spokesman Hamlet Gasparyan’s Interview with Regnum News Agency

A1 Plus | 20:04:23 | 18-03-2004 | Politics |


Armenian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hamlet Gasparyan is answering Regnum
news agency’s questions.

Question: What is the MFA response to the uproar over UK Ambassador Thorda
Abbott-Watt’s comment on the Armenian Genocide?

Answer: We regret such a position. Some countries have recognized the
Armenian Genocide, others have not done so yet. Of course each country has
its own position on this matter, based on its own strategic interests.
However, the ambassadors of those countries to Armenia should approach such
a sensitive issue with great caution and sensitivity. I would add that
Rafael Lemkin, who coined the term ‘genocide’ and who introduced the UN
Convention to prevent and punish the crime of genocide, based his analysis
on the Armenian experience.

Q: Have you taken any steps in this regard?

A: In such situations, as always, such issues are better dealt with through
diplomatic channels, not publicly. As in the past, this time, too, the
authorities expressed their position to the UK government, with a diplomatic

Q: What has been your reaction to the public outcry?

A: In general, this demonstrates to the world that this issue continues to
be important for Armenians around the world. We’ve ourselves received mail
directly, as well as copies of correspondence directed to the Embassy of the
UK. Most of the notes – with a few unfortunate exceptions – were very
thoughtful and constructive.