Canada Immigration Committee to review foreign professonal creds.

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House of Commons, Ottawa, Canada
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Ottawa March 18, 2004

Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration
To Review Foreign Credentials Issue
Says Chair Assadourian

Mr. Sarkis Assadourian (Brampton Centre, Lib.): Chairman of the
Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration of the House of
Commons, announced today, that the committee will undertake a study of
the issue of recognition of foreign professional credentials in

The committee is tentatively scheduled to travel across Canada in the
coming weeks. Hearings will be held in Halifax, Montreal, Toronto,
Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver to hear witnesses present evidence
relating to the issues of recognition of professional credentials and
to explore possibilities that will allow new Canadians with
professional experience to more fully participate in growing Canada’s

Under the current system, some immigrants to Canada with professional
credentials have been unable to participate fully in the Canadian
economy because their foreign credentials have not been recognized by
the professional licensing agencies. Canadians of Chinese, East
European Indian and Pakistani origin in particular have been
affected. The committee will look for new ways to allow these talented
professionals to share their skills with their fellow Canadians.

Commenting on the upcoming business of the committee M.P. Assadourian
said, “I am extremely pleased that the Standing Committee on
Citizenship and Immigration will be studying this important issue. It
is time for us to stress the need for a re-thinking on the recognition
of foreign professional credentials to allow for skilled Immigrants to
Canada to contribute fully to Canada’s growth. I have always
considered it a tremendous waste of skill and talent when immigrants
with professional credentials were sidelined and prohibited from
realizing their full potential in Canada. We must utilize fully the
talents of foreign graduates. ”

For further information contact: Daniel Kennedy 613-995-4843