Armenian Citizens Detained in Equatorial Guinea

A1 Plus | 19:38:15 | 18-03-2004 | Official |


On the 8th of March 2004, in the evening, 6 citizens of the Republic of
Armenia were detained in Equatorial Guinea. They have been charged with
participating in a coup d’etat attempt. There are a number of civilian
pilots of Armenian citizenship who work in the countries of Equatorial
Africa, on contracts with private aircraft companies.{BR}

In this matter, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia
has made all possible efforts to obtain more specific information on this
situation as well as in providing the necessary legal assistance to those
Armenian citizens. Armenia’s ambassadors in New York and Moscow have met
with their counterparts from Equatorial Guinea.

At the same time, taking into consideration the fact, that the Republic of
Armenia has no diplomatic representation in the region, the Ministry has
applied to third country friendly states with certain influence in that
country for possible assistance.