International Games, 3 cities go for the gold

March 12, 2004
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Three Armenian cities filed papers to participate in the Olympic
sanctioned 2004 International Children’s Games in the United States this
July. This will be the first time since the Games started in 1968 that
Armenia will compete.

Yerevan, Armavir and Artashat are forming teams of up to 30 children
each. If all 90 children come, “Going for and getting the Gold” is a
sure bet according to the ICG – Armenia Task Force.

Carmen Policy, the President and CEO of the Cleveland Browns football
team is the Chairperson of the Competitions. With the colorful opening
ceremonies taking place in the Cleveland Browns Stadium, media coverage
will be the largest in the history of these Games.

With three Armenian teams, the Tri-Color will wave proudly from July 29
to August 2 in the United States of America. The ICG -Armenia Task
Force is made up of volunteers from around the country to help bring the
children to the US for these Games.

They are confident that if each Armenian in the United States makes a
tax deductible donation of $1 all the three teams will be here to raise
the Armenian Tri-Color at the opening ceremonies and go home with gold.
And each Armenian American can proudly say ‘I made it happen!’

Once here, the ICG will house, feed and provide local transportation for
the children, their coaches and delegation head for the full time they
are in Cleveland for the Games.

All donations and expenses will be posted on a special link to
for further information telephone 216.932.8100 or
e-mail [email protected] To become a volunteer on the ICG – Armenia
Task Force for your community, write or call the above.