UNDP and ROA Govmt Joint Effort to Fight AIDS in Uniformed Services

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Yerevan, Armenia
11 March, 2004


Today, the Government of Armenia and the United Nations Development
Programme (UNDP) launched the HIV/AIDS and Uniformed Services
project. Mr. Norair Davidyan, Minister of Health of the Republic of
Armenia and Ms. Lise Grande, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident
Representative, presented the initiative to the mass media and
colleagues, and then signed the Agreement.

The overall objective of the project is to support the implementation
of the National Programme on HIV/AIDS Prevention in the Republic of
Armenia by: a) providing technical support to the National
Inter-Ministerial Council on HIV/AIDS Prevention; b) strengthening the
capacity of the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Justice and the
Police in prevention activities; c) developing national strategies to
address HIV/AIDS in penitentiaries, police units and the military; d)
raising awareness on HIV/AIDS and related issues, particularly among
recruits and demobilised soldiers.

According to Ms. Grande: `UNDP has been assisting the national
authorities to advocate and fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS in
the country since 1998. This project is supported by the UNAIDS
Programme, a very unique UN body, which was established to combat
HIV/AIDS globally. Capacity building of the key ministries, as well as
raising the public awareness of HIV/AIDS are the most important
components of this project, and we are confident that under the
leadership of the Ministry of Health, we will make this initiative a

Mr. Davidyan noted: `Although Armenia is not considered to be such a
high risk country in terms of HIV/AIDS as some other countries in our
region, we clearly perceive that if proper and timely preventive
measures are not undertaken, our Republic will soon face a dangerously
high rate of HIV/AIDS. In this respect, this unique project, which
will target very specific groups of population, has special importance
for the present and the future of Armenia.’

Country Background: As of February 1, 2004, 254 HIV carriers were
registered in Armenia including 198 cases among men, 51 cases among
women and three cases of HIV infection among children. The majority of
HIV carriers, 80 percent, are between 20-39 years old and approximately
half of all registered cases are reported in Yerevan. The most
prevalent two modes of HIV transmission are intravenous drug use and
heterosexual practices. An estimated 2,500-2,600 people are possibly
living with HIV/AIDS in the country. In April 2002, the Government
adopted a National Programme on HIV/AIDS Prevention.

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For further information, please contact Mr. Aramazd Ghalamkaryan, UNDP
Armenia, at [email protected].