Haigazian hosts ESU’s International Public Speaking Competition 2004

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March 8, 2004

Haigazian University hosts ESU’s International Public Speaking Competition
2004- Lebanon

In coordination with The English- Speaking Union (ESU), a registered
charity (founded 1918) with a long tradition of cultural programs and
educational exchanges, the Haigazian University (Founded 1955) cordially
invites the concerned media to attend the ESU’s International Public
Speaking Competition of Lebanon held Saturday, March 20, 2004 -10:00 AM at
Haigazian University-Auditorium, Hamra, Beirut-Lebanon.

The theme for this year’s Public Speaking Competition is, “A Borderless
World”. Partaking in this Competition are full-time student contestants
representing local universities in Beirut using English as the language of

The International Public Speaking Competition is organized and run annually
by the English-Speaking Union and Sponsored by HSBC Holdings plc in some 40
active countries in the World.

Each year the ESU chooses a universal theme to be addressed by young
international students, between 18-20 in full-time education. During the
preparations, the participants are advised by their professors to approach
the theme using a debatable style; aiming to teach, delight and move the
designated juries.
The overall objectives of this event is:

· To give young people experience in the fundamental skills of public
· To give students from a variety of countries and backgrounds a chance to
meet, exchange views and form friendships.
· To provide a focus for the learning of effective English and
communication skills among young people in countries where English is not
the first Language.

Consequently, the ESU designates qualified juries to attend this event
across the concerned countries. The public speaker that manages to explore
and inspire the jury, as well as the audience, will travel to participate
in the headquarters International Public Speaking Competition at Dartmouth
House in London, May 2004.

In 2002 a young Lebanese student came second in the competition attended by
participants from over 35 countries.