Georgian leader offers help to improve Armenian-Turkish ties

Georgian leader offers help to improve Armenian-Turkish ties

Mediamax news agency
12 Mar 04


“We would like to make our own contribution to the process of
normalizing Armenian-Georgian relations,” Georgian President Mikheil
Saakashvili said in Yerevan today.

During his forthcoming visit to Ankara, he is ready to discuss the
prospects for the restoration of transport communications that link
Turkey with Armenia, including the Kars-Gyumri railway, Saakashvili
told Mediamax today. However, he noted that “in the long-run,
everything will depend on the good will of the Turkish authorities”.

Saakashvili said that Turkey could play an important role in
stabilizing the situation in the region and is interested in good
relations with all the countries of the region, including Armenia.

For his part, Armenian President Robert Kocharyan said that the
restoration of the Kars-Gyumri railway would be of benefit not only to
Armenia and Turkey, but also to Georgia and Russia.

“We would be grateful to our Georgian colleagues if they included
these issues in their agenda during their negotiations in Turkey,”
Kocharyan said.