Chess: Timman pulls off surprise in Reykjavik Open

ABS CBN News, Philippines
March 12 2004

Timman pulls off surprise in Reykjavik Open

TODAY Chess Columnist

Veteran Dutch Grandmaster Jan Timman, one of the world’s superstars
30 years ago, showed he still has got what it takes when he caught
Ukrainian GM Ruslan Pogorelov, one of his early coleaders, by
surprise in the third round of the Reykjavik Open chess tournament.

With his third straight win for a perfect score, Timman took the solo
lead, followed by 13 others with 2.5, including the top seed, Alexey
Dreev of Russia, teenage GM Bu Xiangzhi of China, and Ian Rogers of

Behind them were 76 others with 1.5 each as the open tournament,
which serves as a qualifier for the forthcoming Reykjavik Rapid,
entered the fourth round.

Former Manila visitor Michal Krasenkow of Poland, one of the 13 first
runners-up, played the most instructive endgame, as follows:

After 25…Rxc5??

Best was 25…Rd5, with equal chances.

26 Rxc5! Qxc5 27 Rc1 Rc4 28 Qd8+ Kg7 29 Rd1! 1-0.

White wins in all variations, e.g., 29…Qc8 30 Qf6+ Kg8 31 Rd8+!

In Armenia, Latvian GM Evgeny Sveshnikov, whose name has been
immortalized in a popular Sicilian variation, kept the lead with 2.0
points after two rounds of the Petrosian Memorial, followed by two
Armenian GMs, Ashot Anastasian and Karen Asrian with 1.5 each.

Meanwhile, Mila Emperador of Milo Checkmate announced that the Young
Knights Invitational Chess Cup has been reset for April 2-4 and the
Metropolitan Chess Club’s Intercommercial Team tournament for April

The Young Knights will comprise those who have taken the Milo
Checkmate course. Among the better known players are Southeast Asian
Games triple gold medallist Mark Paragua, SEAG female team gold
medallist Sheerie Joy Lomibao, zonal champion Ronald Dableo, two-time
national junior champion John Paul Gomez, and columnist Marlon

The P70,000 Intercommercial Team event is open to all bonafide
company employees and varsity players. Each team is entitled to one
master to play on top board.