BAKU: Chess Tournament in NK to have no int’l status

Azer Tag, Azerbaijan State Info Agency
March 12 2004

[March 12, 2004, 18:28:38]

Chess tournament taking place in Nagorno-Karabakh will have no
international status, president of chess federation of Azerbaijan
Aynur Sofiyeva told a press conference at the Ministry of Youth,
Sports and Tourism. In response to her protest-letter FIDE president
Kirsan Ilumjinov assured that FIDE would make all necessary actions
towards the tournament.

Following Kirsan Ilumjinov’s official address to the Armenian Chess
Federation on cancellation of the tournament in Khankendi, Armenian
Chess Academy and separatist leadership of so-called `Nagorno-Karabakh
Republic’ took the initiative to arrange the tournament. Aynur
Sofiyeva said that the Chess Federation of Azerbaijan sent letters to
the Federations of those countries whose players participate in the
tournament. Chess Federation of Georgia let its Azerbaijani
counterparts know that Georgian chess player will not be included into
the national team.

To make things clear, a sitting of the FIDE Council attended by
Kirsan Ilumjinov will be held in Baku in late March.

Although Armenian chess federation isolates itself from the
tournament, it is known that it had sent a congratulation letter to
the tournament participants, Aynur Sofiyeva added in conclusion.