BAKU: Azeris picket Armenian embassy in Moscow

Azeris picket Armenian embassy in Moscow

ANS TV, Baku
13 Mar 04

[Presenter Leyla Hasanova] Representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora
living in the Russian capital today picketed the Armenian embassy in
Russia. The pickets demanded an end to Armenia’s aggressive policy and
the urgent withdrawal of its armed groups from the occupied
Azerbaijani territories. ANS Moscow bureau correspondent Vuqar Sukurov
has the details.

[Sukurov on the phone] Armenia has to pull out of Azerbaijan’s
occupied lands and end its aggressive policy against Azerbaijan. These
demands were voiced during a protest action outside the Armenian
embassy in Moscow today. This action was organized by the Movement for
Azerbaijan. Nearly 40 Azerbaijani intellectuals and businessmen living
in Russia took part in it. Addressing the pickets, the chairman of the
Movement for Azerbaijan, Ilqar Qasimov, read out a letter to Armenian
President Robert Kocharyan. The letter demands the fulfilment of UN
Security Council resolutions No 822, 850, 874 and 884, unconditional
withdrawal from the occupied territories, the recognition of
Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and the payment of financial
compensation for damage inflicted on Azerbaijan. The text of the
letter was submitted to the Armenian embassy. No confrontation was
registered during the hourlong action.

Vuqar Sukurov for ANS, Moscow.