Assadourian Nomination Committee Sucessful event held in Brampton

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Press Release

For Immediate Release Ottawa March 15, 2004

M.P. Sarkis Assadourian Holds Fundraiser
For New Riding of Brampton Springdale

The Sarkis Assadourian Nomination Committee held a successful
fundraising event Sunday March 14th at the Minar Indian Restaurant,
Dixie Orenda Plaza for M.P. Sarkis Assadourian (Brampton Centre,
Lib.): Chairman of the Citizenship and Immigration Committee and
Candidate For Nomination in the new riding of Brampton Springdale.

Assadourian was welcomed by over 100 guests (at $150 per person) and
in turn welcomed special Guest at the event The Honourable Joe Volpe,
P.C., M.P. Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development and
Political Minister for Ontario.

Following his introduction by Mrs. Tonk, the M.P. thanked the Minister
for visiting the new riding of Brampton-Springdale to meet with
Assadourian’s campaign team. Assadourian thanked the Minister for his
generous support of the Member’s candidacy and invited him to address
the guests.

The Minister spoke on the importance of human resources to the
development of the Canadian economy and stressed the need for a
re-thinking on the recognition of foreign professional credentials to
allow for skilled Immigrants to Canada to contribute fully to Canada’s

Minister Volpe congratulated Assadourian on his work over the past ten
years as a Member of Parliament and emphasized his successful career
being appointed as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of
Citizenship and Immigration and most recently being elected as Chair
of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration.

The Minister stressed the fact that Assadourian has focused his
energies on representing the needs of his constituents in Parliament
and has been an important and valued member of the Paul Martin
team. Volpe urged the volunteers to continue to work to ensure that a
Liberal majority government is achieved by building on the strength,
success and experience of the sitting Member.

Also present at the function were Wajid Khan, Liberal Candidate for
Streetsville-Mississauga, Navdeep Bains, Candidate for Nomination,
Brampton South Mississagua and Paul Dahliwal Candidate for Nomination,

Commenting on the successful event Assadourian said:
“I am overwhelmed by the enormous support that I have received from
residents of Brampton- Springdale. I am confident that with continued
co-operation and the positive engagement of the citizens of Brampton-
Springdale that we will see that this new riding is firmly positioned
to be part of a new Liberal government under the leadership of Prime
Minister Paul Martin.”

The event was concluded by the uplifting remarks of Bob Mand thanking
the Minister for his kind words and expressing the desire of the
campaign team to see Minister Volpe return to Brampton -Springdale to
assist the team in building a winning campaign for the new riding.


For further information contact: Daniel Kennedy 613-995-4843