Armenian Opp. demands government’s resignation in regional rally

Armenian opposition demands government’s resignation in regional rally

10 Mar 04


Representatives of the opposition’s Justice bloc today staged a rally
in the town of Alaverdi, Lori Region.

It must be remembered that unlike the previous events arranged by the
opposition bloc in the regions of the republic, the turnout at today’s
rally was poor. In his speech, the head of the newly-formed
headquarters to save the fatherland under the Justice bloc, MP Viktor
Dallakyan, said that the illegitimate authorities were relying on
criminal local administration whose staunchest supporter is the
governor of Lori Region, Genrik Kochinyan. “Therefore, we warn all the
local underlings that they will soon end up behind bars, and we
promise this to them,” Dallakyan said.

The rally spoke about extremely low pensions and allowances, high
water prices and the political coalition’s promises to return
citizens’ savings accounts. The leader of the Union of Constitutional
Law and a member of the Justice bloc, MP Grant Khachatryan, said that
the coalition was not able to adopt any law of vital importance to the
people. All the problems facing Armenia will be resolved only after
the government is changed, and this process has already started, the
members of the Justice bloc think.

The resignation of the current administration is a requirement of the
day, the leader of the Justice bloc, Stepan Demirchyan, said.

The members of the Justice bloc promised to inform the public about
their next measures “to topple the authorities”.