ANKARA: Talat: Give-and-take Process Will Start On Friday

Anadolu Agency

Talat: Give-and-take Process Will Start On Friday

LEFKOSA – TRNC Prime Minister Mehmet Ali Talat said on Wednesday that
give-and-take process in Cyprus negotiations would start on Friday.

Talat said that they were at a different and important stage, and
there was the need to make an assessment prior to that stage, adding
that they would visit Ankara due to that reason.

Talat received the same day a crowded delegation composed of
Azerbaijani and Armenian journalists who came to the island to cover
the developments about Cyprus in the right place.

Speaking during the meeting, Talat said that they desired to reach an
agreement which could be accepted by the two sides, particularly by
the Turkish Cypriot people, and they worked to this end. ”We’ve
entered a road with no return,” he said.

Talat stated that people would say the final word and give the
decision. ”We are trying to bring out an agreement text which could
be accepted and which would give a positive result,” Talat said.

Talat stressed that they felt the need to make consultation at this
stage and they would go to Ankara this evening together with TRNC
Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Serdar Denktas. Talat said
they would have meetings in Ankara all day tomorrow and return back
to TRNC in the evening.