Iraq is one of the cradles of human civilization – Armenian President visits Iraq National Museum


YEREVAN, 27 FEBUARY, ARMENPRESS. Armenian President Vahagn Khachaturyan visited the Iraq National Museum as part of his official visit to Iraq.

During his visit, the President of Armenia familiarized himself with the museum’s extensive collection and unique exhibits showcasing Iraq's rich history and culture.

The extensive collection of the museum shows the development of human civilization from ancient settlements to the rise and fall of great empires. Some of the exhibits span over 10.000 years old. Following the tour, President Vahagn Khachaturyan expressed his gratitude to the museum staff, emphasizing the significance of their mission.

The President emphasized that the presented exhibits prove once again that Iraq is one of the cradles of human civilization.

"Thank you for this opportunity. I hope that as a result of the cooperation between your museum and the History Museum of Armenia, the citizens of Armenia will also have the opportunity to see some samples of this museum, and the citizens of Iraq will have the opportunity to explore the samples of the History Museum of Armenia. I hope that the exhibits of our museum will also interest you," said the President.

After the tour, the President made a note in the Museum’s guestbook.