Int’l community must condemn Azeri actions, call for withdrawal of occupying forces from Armenia – diplomat


YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 13, ARMENPRESS. Ambassador-at-large Edmon Marukyan has released a statement on Azerbaijan’s latest deadly border shooting targeting an Armenian military position in Syunik province.

The Azeri gunfire killed 2 Armenian soldiers and wounded others.

“According to the statement of the State border guard service of Azerbaijan, tonight, they carried out the "Revenge" operation by attacking the border guard position located in the sovereign territory of Armenia, as a result of which two Armenian servicemen were killed and several others were injured.

“First, Azerbaijan declares that there was fire from the Armenian side, as if there was a wounded person, then the Armenian side declares that it will investigate the incident, and the Azerbaijani side attacks and kills and injures people without waiting for any investigation, thus showing that they were prepared for an attack and were just looking for a cause.

Thus, it is obvious that Azerbaijan does not give up its "traditional" criminal, aggressive behavior and first spreads unchecked, one sided, fake news as if there was a shooting from the Armenian side, and then carries out a ready-made operation in the sovereign territory of Armenia, killing and distorting new lives. This chain of criminal acts carried out by Azerbaijan must be stopped. The international community must condemn this chain of vile unprovoked actions carried out by Azerbaijan and call Azerbaijan to withdraw its occupying forces from more than 215 square kilometers of sovereign territory of Armenia, which is an aggression by virtue and provocation against Armenia,” Marukyan said on X.