Asbarez: Azerbaijan Attacked Syunik from Positions Within Armenia, Tatoyan Says

Azerbaijani military position with Armenia's sovereign territory (Tatoyan Foundation graphic)

Azerbaijan attacked military posts in Syunik’s Nerkin Hand region on Tuesday from its positions that are within Armenia’s sovereign territory that have been occupied since Azerbaijan’s breach of Armenia’s sovereign borders, announced Armenia’s former Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan.

In a social media post, Tatoyan shared maps and photographs, saying that Azerbaijan’s brazen attack on Tuesday was a result of the Armenian government’s nonchalance toward the fact that Azerbaijan invaded territories in Armenia.

Trajectory of the Feb. 13 attack on Nerkin Hand in Syunik

“This brazen Azerbaijani behavior is a consequence of the fact that the Armenian government, for its own political interests, has been justifying Azerbaijani crimes and invasions in every possible way, declaring that Azerbaijani armed servicemen are present in their territories,” Tatoyan said in his post.

He called the presence Azerbaijani armed forces on the territory of Armenia “unlawful and criminal.”

“The Azerbaijani authorities have also taken advantage of the opportunity presented to them and have fortified their positions, while makingfalse declarations for peace and deepening hatred and enmity toward Armenians,” Tatoyan added.

Tatoyan also said it was unacceptable and “humiliating” that the Armenian authorities are giving credence to Azerbaijani accusations that Armenian forces had opened fire on Monday and even launched a so-called “investigation,”

Earlier Tuesday, Armenia’s defense ministry cited photos and information disseminated on Azerbaijani social media claiming an attack by Armenian forces.