Armenian Diaspora Online Survey 2024 is looking for your participation

Aleksandr V. Gevorkyan, Ph.D. has recently launched his 2024 Armenian Diaspora Online Survey, an update based on his earlier survey from 2015-2018. 

The purpose of the survey is “to learn more about the Armenian Diaspora’s willingness to engage with Armenia’s economic, social and cultural development” and is “open to all participants of ethnic Armenian origin in the U.S. and globally.” You can read more about Dr. Gevorkyan’s diaspora-related research here.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the 2024 survey and to disseminate it to your networks to maximize the number of responses. 

Dr. Gevorkyan’s research is not funded by any individual or group and is part of his independent research on Diaspora and development. His most recent article in the Weekly, “Diaspora: identity, trust, engagement infrastructure and socio-economic development in the homeland,” was published in October 2023.

Dr. Gevorkyan is Henry George Chair in Economics and Associate Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics and Finance of St. John’s University’s Peter J. Tobin College of Business. He is the author of Transition Economies: Transformation, Development, and Society in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union (Routledge, 2018).