Armenian Prime Minister Says ‘We Are Not Russia’s Ally’ Amid Ongoing War In Ukraine: ‘That’s The Reality’

Feb 12 2024

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan made it clear that Armenia is not an ally of Russia in its conflict with Ukraine. He also emphasized that Armenia’s military projects are not aimed at any specific nation.

What Happened: Pashinyan, in an interview with the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, stated that Armenia does not consider itself a Russian ally in the Ukraine conflict. He also expressed hope for a lasting peace treaty with Azerbaijan, despite recent border demarcation statements by the Azerbaijani president.

Pashinyan, who has previously voiced concerns about Russia’s support for Armenia’s defense, reiterated his stance on Armenia’s relationship with Russia. He also clarified that Armenia’s security cooperation with other partners, such as the U.S. and France, is not directed against any specific ally.

“I said, in the Ukraine situation, we are not Russia's ally. And that's the reality,” Pashinyan told the daily.

“But I want to also tell you that with the U.S. or France or other partners, our security cooperation is not targeted against our other security sector partner,” he said.

He further stated that Armenia has no plans to pursue NATO membership, a decision that has been reaffirmed by Ukraine and denounced by Russia. Pashinyan also mentioned that Armenia is evaluating its position within the Russian-led Collective Security Treaty Organisation.

Regarding the peace agreement with Azerbaijan, Pashinyan noted that significant progress had been made in 2023. However, recent statements by President Ilham Aliyev have raised doubts about the finalization of the agreement.

Why It Matters: The recent comments by Pashinyan are indicative of a shift in Armenia’s foreign policy, particularly in its relationship with Russia. This development comes in the wake of Armenia’s concerns about Russia’s support following the 2022 clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which raised questions about Russia’s role as a peace broker in the region.

Meanwhile, the Ukraine conflict has been a source of global concern. In a recent interview, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned of the potential for the ongoing conflict with Russia to escalate into a global conflict. He has also called for increased support from Western nations.