Azerbaijan turns down Armenian humanitarian offer regarding minefields to continue manipulations, warns Foreign Ministry


YEREVAN, JANUARY 27, ARMENPRESS. The Armenian Foreign Ministry has warned that Azerbaijan has sabotaged a humanitarian offer regarding the minefield maps in order to manipulate the topic and escalate its rhetoric.

As mentioned on many occasions, Armenia, including as a confidence building measure, handed over to Azerbaijan all minefield maps which were at its disposal, having received them from Nagorno-Karabakh officials,” the Armenian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on X. “Later, guided by humanitarian purposes, Armenia prepared new maps through inquiries among former officials of Nagorno-Karabakh in order to transfer the maps to Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, this initiative was immediately met with a very negative and ironic response from the Azerbaijani side, negating Armenia’s trust-building efforts, continuing to manipulate the topic and turning Armenia’s positive move into an occasion for escalating and negative rhetoric.”

The Armenian National Security Service said it will transfer 8 new logs on minefield maps to Azerbaijan. In turn, Azerbaijan falsely accused Armenia of not pursuing humanitarian goals, that the goal of that move “is not to contribute to the humanitarian process and that this step cannot be viewed as a confidence-building measure.”