Europe: Pro-Armenia activists to demonstrate in major cities in multiple countries Jan. 27-28 /update 1

Crisis 24
Jan 26 2024

Pro-Armenian activists plan to protest in urban centers in 15 European countries Jan. 27-28. The purpose of the demonstrations is to denounce Azerbaijan's control of Nagorno-Karabakh and demand sanctions against the government in Baku. Organizers are planning gatherings in over 50 cities, including Berlin, London, Madrid, and Vienna. A list of cities is here, although further impromptu events are likely. The largest events are likely to be in Paris and Berlin, as France and Germany have the largest Armenian diaspora in Europe.

As of Jan. 26, locations and start times have only been announced for events in France, including:

  • Marseille: Simultaneous gatherings at Beaumont Armenian Apostolic Church of Marseille on Impasse des Monts and Prado church on Avenue du Prado starting at 12:00 Jan. 28

  • Nice: Courthouse (Palais de Justice) in the Vieille Ville from 11:30 Jan. 27.

  • Paris: Place du Canada from 13:00 Jan. 28

  • Strasbourg: Allee des Droits de l'Homme opposite the European Court of Human Rights from 13:00 Jan. 27

Heightened security and localized transport disruptions are likely near all demonstration sites. Low-level confrontations between demonstrators and law enforcement officers or counterprotesters cannot be ruled out.