Asbarez: ARS Prioritizes Assisting Artsakh Armenians as its Main Objective

The ARS Central Executive held a plenary session from Jan. 9 to 13

The Armenian Relief Society Central Executive held its third plenary session from January 9 to 13 at its headquarters in Watertown, Mass. The meeting extensively discussed ARS’ organizational and public relations efforts and reevaluated its current and future programs in the homeland and Diaspora.

Projects to assist the forcibly displaced Artsakh Armenians, who are at the forefront and special focus of the Central Executive, were prioritized during the meeting, which spent most of its agenda addressing them.

Based on the resolutions of the73rd ARS International Convention and emphasizing the national imperative to ensure the return of Artsakh Armenians to their ancestral home, the Central Executive unanimously adopted a decision to provide housing for displaced Artsakh Armenians in villages in Armenia.

The meeting also decided to sponsor a project by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Bureau’s Youth Office aimed at securing jobs and training for young Artsakh Armenians, in the second phase of the program that is called “uplift.”

The ARS Central Executive had the opportunity to meet with members of the ARF Bureau, Khajag Mgrdichian and Mgrdich Mgdrdichian, who were joined by the ARF Bureau’s liaison to the ARS, Raffi Donabedian.