AW: Artbox launches its career acceleration program for 24 selected individual artists in Armenia

Individual artists, ranging from musicians to graphic designers, from painters to fashion designers, and beyond, will boost their creative careers through the Artbox Entrepreneur program and receive up to a total grant of €60,000 to activate their entrepreneurial plans.

Creative Armenia is excited to present the 24 individual artists who entered the Artbox Entrepreneur program and started their career acceleration journeys towards becoming creative entrepreneurs. Artbox Entrepreneur provides artists an unparalleled opportunity to jumpstart their creative careers, elevate their personal branding and maximize their revenue.

From mid-January to the end of February 2024, these 24 artists will participate in a six-week program, during which they will receive weekly workshops, targeted assignments and guidance from top-notch mentors in business and entrepreneurship and renowned cultural leaders from Armenia, France, Malta and SwitzerlandArtbox Entrepreneur will guide artists to enhance their self-branding, promotion and sales, boost their careers and more. As the program concludes, up to 24 artists will be selected to receive up to a total grant of €60,000 to execute their entrepreneurial plans, developed during Artbox.

“Artbox Entrepreneur has its unique place in the development of creative industries in Armenia, its focal point being the development of personalized business models for individual artists and advancement of entrepreneurial skills. We can already measure how the program has impacted our previous cohort of artists, resulting in a drastic raise in their creative production, profitability and market success,” said Anush Ter-Khachatryan, director of programs at Creative Armenia. “We are happy to welcome a new wave of 24 artists who will begin their career acceleration and make the creative industries ever more powerful.”

The 24 individual artists selected for Artbox Entrepreneur are:

  • Anahit Yazichyan (fashion designer)
    Fashion designer Anahit Yazichyan tells contemporary stories through her 90s-inspired garments, knitting together fashion, art and lifestyle.
  • Anait Markaryan (composer)
    Composer Anait Markaryan specializes in contemporary classical, romantic and spiritual film soundtracks that stir emotions and spark the imagination.
  • Arusik Nanyan (musician)
    Musician Arusik Nanyan explores uncharted musical territories, infusing her compositions with acoustic guitar and a sense of wonder.
  • Ashkhen Mila Khandzratsyan (illustrator, ceramic artist and graphic designer)
    Illustrator, ceramic artist and graphic designer Ashkhen Mila Khandzratsyan brings a unique blend of creativity to every project, having background in illustrating, sculpting, fine arts and graphic, game and character design.
  • Ashot Ghazaryan (musician)
    Musician Ashot Ghazaryan keeps the Armenian kamancheh tradition alive making his beautiful melodies available to contemporary audiences․
  • Bela Poghosyan (interdisciplinary artist and curator)
    Interdisciplinary artist and curator Bela Poghosyan explores traditional, collective memory and unconsciousness through local natural materials and installations.
  • Eliza Baghdiyan (musician and graphic designer)
    Musician and graphic designer Eliza Baghdiyan creates immersive narratives that captivate whether it be through guitar notes, colors or paper.
  • Hakob Machkalyan (architect)
    An architect by education, Hakob Machkalyan uses his 3D mastery to enhance fashion brands, Soviet urban heritage and creative projects of all kinds.
  • Hasmik Soghomonyan (visual artist and designer)
    Visual artist and designer Hasmik Soghomonyan creates jewelry blending innovation with the preservation of traditional cultural values, with all the attractiveness of the blossoming tree branch of Dilijan reflected in each of the ornaments.
  • Khoren Mikayelyan (guitarist and music producer)
    Guitarist and music producer Khoren Mikayelyan, renowned for fusing traditional Armenian folk with rock music, intends to bridge the gap between Armenia and the U.S. stages.
  • Lilit Martirosyan (visual artist and illustrator)
    Visual artist and illustrator Lilit Martirosyan experiments with a variety of media to produce fine art-inspired and avant-garde prints, paintings and editorials.
  • Lilit Mikoyan (photographer and jewelry designer)
    Photographer and jewelry designer Lilit Mikoyan creatively captures the essence of architecture, transforming it into tangible, wearable art and prints, while also experimenting with alternative photographic techniques, particularly cyanotype.
  • Lilith Mnatsakanyan (visual artist)
    Visual artist Lilith Mnatsakanyan creates mobile art objects that combine traditional painting with modern elements while focusing on the idea of monumental constructive works and seeking new ways to develop this distinctive style.
  • Lusine MLKE-Galstyan (musician and composer)
    Musician and composer Lusine MLKE-Galstyan infuses creativity into her projects, honoring her roots and creating a bridge for global cultural exchange, fostering appreciation for Armenian culture.
  • Mariam Papyan (visual artist and designer)
    Visual artist and designer Mariam Papyan crafts eco-friendly decor from 100-percent recycled materials, blending a love for new materials with a commitment to waste reduction.
  • Mary Bayatyan (visual artist)
    Visual artist Mary Bayatyan (Mok) creates rhythmic patterns that breathe and repeat, inviting us to enjoy the pauses, envisioning infinite safe places of balance and harmony.
  • Meline Galstyan (interdisciplinary artist)
    Interdisciplinary artist Meline Galstyan connects innovative ideas and people to create experiential art installations, challenging perspectives and prompting people to stop and think.
  • Mery Arakelyan (graphic designer)
    As a graphic designer, Mery Arakelyan distills thoughts into images, while the exploration of Saroyan and the study of the Armenian alphabet deepen her connection to Armenian culture.
  • Pardy Minassian (composer and classical guitarist)
    Composer and classical guitarist Pardy Minassian raises awareness of Armenian music and culture in the guitar world, sharing compositions, arrangements and performances with a global online audience.
  • Ralph Keuchkerian (composer)
    Composer Ralph Keuchkerian explores the boundaries of sonic _expression_ and traditional musical conventions, drawing inspiration from diverse musical genres and cultural influences.
  • Raphael Vardanyan (singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer)
    Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer Raphael Vardanyan is continually expanding his expertise in sound engineering, aspiring to achieve success both in this field and in live performances.
  • Sona Turabyan (violist)
    Violist Sona Turabyan blends classical roots with modern flair, using viola to craft unique and evocative musical expressions.
  • Vardges Manukyan (cinematographer)
    Cinematographer Vardges Manukyan uses his keen eye to produce compelling fiction and commercials, eager to positively impact audiences and the industry.
  • Yulia Grigoryants (independent photographer)
    Independent photographer Yulia Grigoryants, based between Paris and Yerevan, captures compelling human stories amid displacement, collapse and political and economic transitions.

Inspired by innovative models in business and tech, Artbox is a reinvention of the incubator and accelerator models for the art world – a dynamic entrepreneurial system that supports individuals, projects and institutions across disciplines with potential for success. Through a set of signature cutting-edge programs, Artbox develops commercial viability, audience growth and investable creative products. 

Creative Armenia is a global arts foundation for the Armenian people that discovers, develops and champions innovative talent across the arts. Artbox has been developed by Creative Armenia, funded by the European Union in Armenia and launched in partnership with AGBU Armenia in the framework of the KATAPULT Creative Accelerator Program.